Committee Roles and Responsibilities

Executive Positions


  • Be responsible for the efficient administrative procedures and matters affecting the club
  • Ensure that the aims, objectives and rules of the Association are followed
  • Liaise with and assist other committee members regarding their duties
  • Chair the committee meetings
  • Prepare a President’s Report for each committee meeting
  • Be the contact for the club
  • Attend association meetings
  • Organise AGM
  • Provide President’s Report at AGM


Vice President

  • Assist the President with their duties as necessary
  • Take over the President’s duties if/when required



  • Attend and take minutes at each committee meeting
  • Prepare the agenda for each committee meeting and AGM
  • Distribute minutes to all committee members as soon as possible after each meeting
  • Attend association meetings as required


Assistant Secretary

  • Assist the Secretary with their duties as necessary
  • Take over the Secretary’s duties if/when required



  • Manage the club’s finances
  • Balance the club’s financial books each month to coincide with the receipt of bank
  • Maintain Cash receipts/payment journals
  • Prepare financial report for each committee meeting
  • Hold a $200 float for miscellaneous expenses
  • Pay club accounts
  • Arrange and co-ordinate Annual Audit as required
  • Provide Treasurer’s report at AGM


Assistant Treasurer

  • Assist the Treasurer with their duties as necessary
  • Take over the Treasurer’s duties if/when required

Other Roles


  • Place new registrations into appropriate teams
  • Liaise with Team Managers regarding new team players
  • Maintain team lists with contact details
  • Maintain the membership database
  • Maintain club membership records


Trophy Officer

  • Organise trophies/medals at the end of each season


Uniforms Officer

  • Manage all uniform orders for the club
  • Liaise with uniform suppliers
  • Confirm and seek approval for pricing with Treasurer/President
  • Confirm player numbers prior to ordering
  • Assist Parents to place order with supplier


Coaching Co-ordinators

  • Assist coaches in their development
  • Manage grading sessions that are held from time-to-time
  • Be involved in team placements


Team Managers Co-ordinator/s

  • Ensure all Team Managers are provided with necessary information for dissemination to their teams


Team Managers

  • To work alongside the coach to ensure all team members are kept informed.
  • To supply Team Managers Co-ordinators with confirmed weekly team lists for them to upload to Play HQ


General Committee

  • Support the executive committee and take on other roles as required
  • Attend committee meetings
  • Undertake tasks to assist the executive
  • Undertake tasks to run or assist fundraising activities


Club Welfare Officer

  • Appointed to look over matters concerning child safety and abuse. We expect our members, volunteers and staff to discuss any concerns that they have about the welfare of a child immediately with the Club Welfare officer.
  • Required to report all incidents noted by them to Basketball Victoria and any other appropriate authority.