domestic BY-LAWS

Version 14.5 – 11th April, 2022

Rules and Application

1. Team contact

  1. Each club/team must nominate two people to contact for queries or information. It is the responsibility of the club/team contact to distribute fixtures, fill out the score sheet/online scoring before each game, pay the game fees to the Session Supervisor before each game, ensuring players have correct uniform, and making players aware of all by-laws and insurance procedures.
  2. It is the Team Contacts responsibility to ensure they check the online fixture ( at least 48 hours before the game, as changes can be made. Teams will be emailed/called if a change is within 48 hours.

2. Registration/Game Fees

  1. Game fees must be paid to the Session Supervisor before commencement of game.
  2. All Team registration fees must be paid in full at the time of submitting the online registration. Your team will not be entered into the competition until the registration fee is paid in full. Team registration fee is non-refundable.
  3. If a team is registered and paid for in full after the competition has started, we reserve the right to enter your team into the next available grade, in the suitable age group, at the next convenient date. Should the competition have reached capacity, you will receive a refund of your registration fee. For all other circumstances, the registration fee is non-refundable.
  4. Withdrawal Fee of $200 is payable if a team withdraws after the completion of their final grading match.
  5. CBA has the right to refuse any team entries.

3. Timing regulations

  1. Each game will consist of two 20-minute halves, each with an interval of 2 minutes between halves. Afterschool Program will consist of two 18 minutes halves with a 1 minute’s interval between halves.
  2. There will be allowed 2 time-outs per team per half. Each time-out being a maximum of one minute. There will be no time outs allowed in the last 2 minutes of the first half. The clock does not stop for these time outs.
  3. Time allowed in the Key from U10, U12, U14, 5 seconds.
  4. Time allowed in the key from U16 up, including all senior competition, 3 seconds.
  5. In all rostered non-finals games the clock shall stop only in the last three minutes of 2nd half for all whistles. If the score differs by 30 points or more, the clock will not stop. Not applicable to the afterschool competition. Clock does not stop on the afterschool competition.
  6. In a finals series the clock shall stop for all time outs and five personal foul situations. In the last three minutes of the second half the clock shall stop, for all whistles. Clock shall start once the ball is touched by a player in the court.
    In the Afterschool competition, the clock does not stop for time outs, unless it is in the last 3 minutes of the second half, where the clock shall stop for all whistles.
  7. In the case of extra time in finals series, the clock shall stop for all whistles in the last 3 minutes. Extra Time will consist of a 5-minute period, with 1 time out per team. The clock will stop for these time outs. Time outs do not roll over from regular time.
    In the Afterschool competition, the clock does not stop for time outs, unless it is in the last 3 minutes of extra time, where the clock shall stop for all whistles.
  8. In the case of the game still being a draw once extra time is played, another 5 minutes shall be played with the same timing rules as above. This will continue till a result is achieved.
  9. Referees shall not start a game clock before the scheduled starting time of the match. Once the referee has called for Centre’s the game clock will be started by the scorers at the referee signal. Should either team not be ready the clock will commence, and By-law 12.1 will take effect. Session supervisors/CBA staff are able to delay the start time if deemed necessary.
  10. Any Team not ready to play at the fixtured time will incur a one-point penalty per minute they are not playing. This includes not finalising a score sheet or allocating players to the online scoring system.

4. Score Sheet/Online Scoring System

  1. Each player’s number, given name and surname, DOB, Suburb and postcode must be clearly printed on the score sheet provided or entered into the online scoring system before the game commences. If not, the game will not be recorded as a qualified game.
  2. Once a game has commenced, a player can only be added to the team sheet/online scoring system at a time-out or at half-time. This can occur anytime throughout the game, where a time out is allowed.
  3. No more than ten players can play in any grading, regular season or finals game, therefore if the sheet or the online scoring system has more than ten listed, a team representative must cross off/untick the extras players prior to the game commencing.
  4. Coaches must register through PlayHQ and be allocated to the team prior to coaching. If printed score sheet is needed coaches full name must be printed on this.

5. Bench Official

  1. Each team must supply a competent scorer being 14 years of age or older for the duration of the game. The game will not commence until two scorers are on the bench. If a team fails to provide a scorer a member of their team must leave the court and attend the score bench.

6. Player Registrations

  1. All players’ individual details must be on the online registration form. Any player not listed on the team registration entry form must list all of their player registration details on the back of the score sheet or entered into the online scoring system before their first game commences, to become a registered player with that team.
  2. The penalty for playing an unregistered player is as per by-law 20 for any games the unregistered player has played in.
  3. CBA has the right to refuse any player registrations.

7. Grading

  1. Any competition graded after the defined grading period will result in all teams in that grade, having all points and percentages set back to zero after grading. If no changes are made to the grade at the conclusion of the grading period, ladders are not reset.
  2. Teams may be graded to a higher or lower division and/or age group at the discretion of the Domestic Council up until the end of the defined grading period. After the grading period no teams will be regraded unless they can show exceptional circumstances through an appeal to the CBA (CEO).
  3. Any team that is regraded after the defined grading period, by the decision of the CBA, will be moved into their new grade/age group with the same points as 4th place, and zero percent.

8. Player Eligibility

  1. All Junior players must be under the age of the competition they are registering to play in as at the 31st of December of that year.
  2. During grading games, any player moving from one team to another due to exceptional circumstances, must notify the CBA Competitions Administrator in writing. After grading, players may not transfer from one team/Club to another, in any one competition, in the current season, without a clearance approved by the CBA (CEO).
  3. Players can only play one game in each competition, per age group, on any one night/day.
  4. All CBA junior competitions are to be advertised as separate gender competitions. Where separate boy’s and girl’s competitions are on offer, they are to be strictly policed as boys only and girl’s only competitions. (This excludes the Afterschool and U8’s competition, which are mixed)
  5. Any player under the age of 14 will not be allowed to play in the senior domestic competition unless written consent is received from the player’s parent or guardian and submitted to CBA staff prior to their first game.
  6. If a player is playing “A” grade in a higher age group. They must play “A” grade in their own age group. Exception-If the player plays grading games in their correct age group (more than half grading games required), and the team is then placed in a lower grade.
  7. Any junior player is only allowed to play up one age group from their lowest eligible age group. (e.g. U12 to U14 if lowest eligible age group is U12) unless written consent is received from the player’s parent or guardian and submitted to CBA staff prior to their first game.
  8. For the domestic competition. A player is registered to a club not an age group. When transferring between clubs or transferring between teams within the same club at any time during the season all players must obtain a clearance.
    • If a player leaves a club/team to play for another club/team, they must obtain a clearance, if the original club/team is still registered with the CBA. If the original club/team is no longer registered with the CBA, a clearance is not required. This applies to all junior competitions, including moving between junior competitions.
    • Once a player has played a game with a club/independent team, they cannot move to another club/independent team until the next season (this includes during the grading period). Clubs/independent teams must submit and finalise clearances before the end of grading. For example, Tom registers to play the season with ABC Basketball Club, he is placed in Team A. He plays his first game with Team A in round 2 of the season. A week later he decides he wants to move to XYZ Basketball Club. Tom cannot move to XYZ Basketball Club until the next season as he has already played a game with Team A this season.
    • Clubs/teams must deal with all clearance applications and player permits within 14 days of receipt.
    • Players wishing to play for more than one club in two different age groups, must complete a Player Permit application each season. This must be submitted to CBA staff prior to their first game.
  9. Any player who has competed in the Big V Competition or higher in the past calendar year or current year, must play in the A grade competition. Youth League players competing in the BIG V Competition in the past calendar year or current year, cannot play in any grade lower than B grade. ** Exception – player must have played more the 50% of grading games to be eligible to play in the lower grade.
  10. Any Team entered, cannot include more than three (3) players who compete in Big V Competition or higher in the past calendar year or current year. This includes Youth League players.
  11. Only players suited up to play can be ticked on the online scoring system.
  12. Players will only be permitted 2 games as a “fill in” before they will be required to register through PlayHQ to their team. Any games played as a “fill in” after their 2nd game may not be counted towards finals qualifications.
  13. Any breach of rules 8.1 – 8.11 deems the player ineligible. Penalties apply “by-law 20. Penalties”