In force from 1 January 2005


Basketball Victoria is committed to the health, safety and well-being of all its members and participants and is dedicated to providing a safe environment for participating in the sport of basketball throughout Victoria.

The positive virtues of involvement in the sport of basketball are well heralded and evidenced by the thousands of young Australians participating in basketball activities and competition across the country each week. The value of regular exercise gained through basketball to an individual’s personal health and fitness should not be underestimated, nor the role that social interaction provided through the basketball association environment can play in developing a young person’s self esteem and involvement in their local community.

However, harassment in sport can serve to drastically undermine these intrinsic benefits of involvement in basketball. The unfortunate reality is that basketball, as a sport, is not immune from acts of discrimination, harassment and abuse, rather to the contrary, sport may provide an environment which in many cases lends itself to conduct which is not only inappropriate, but also unlawful.

Depending on the nature of the case, instances of harassment or abuse in sport can have devastating effects for not only the individuals involved, but also the sporting organisation itself. Apart from exposing the club or association to potential legal liability, officials may be faced with low morale, an unpleasant environment, higher turnover of personnel and the prospect of longterm damage to the organisation’s image and reputation. These are all unnecessary harms which Basketball Victoria is anxious to avoid.

The adoption of the Basketball Victoria Member Protection By-Law reflects Basketball Victoria’s dedication to serving and protecting its members and participants throughout all levels of the sport. However, the adoption of the Member Protection By-Law itself is just the first step in affording our members and participants the protection they deserve. The successful implementation and enforcement of this Member Protection By-Law requires the cooperation and commitment of Basketball Victoria members and participants at all levels.

The following Member Protection By-Law conveys a strong message to all Basketball Victoria members and participants, and prospective members and participants, that as a sport, we are committed to ensuring the safety of our most valuable asset well into the future.